164 Bishopsgate

Identity, brochure and website

164 Bishopsgate is an office refurbishment in a Grade II listed Victorian fire station in the City of London. dn&co were asked to create a visual identity and marketing materials which would reflect the modern interior and reference the history of the building.

These qualities were expressed typographically by setting 164 in stacked in Roman numerals, which forms a vertical axis referencing the symmetry of the historical façade. The thin, sans-serif letterforms represent the contemporary aesthetic of the refurbishment within.

The brochure cover features a fold which can be opened to reveal an image of the newly-restored façade. In researching the history of the building in the London Fire Brigade archive, we came across a photograph of the building from around 1900 which was included on the last page of the brochure.

Completed at dn&co.